Willow Acres Weddings Outdoorsy Styled Shoot

Covid sucks. But it’s still here. Wear a mask. It’s not over.

Ok now. Let me tell you about this beautiful new outdoor space that’s just about 45 minutes northeast of Indianapolis!

I was scrolling though Instagram the other day, when this sweet wooden outdoor swing popped up on my feed. It was hanging from a mature tree in what looked like several acres of land. I got excited and commented on the image, and I found out that the swing was handmade by one of the owners, Doug.

Actually, everything made of wood for the venue was hand built by Doug! It’s all so beautiful, and completely unique, and organic, and I couldn’t get over it!

After a little back and forth with Pam, one of the owners of Willow Acres, we had a time and day for a styled shoot at their venue. I knew there was a lotta land, but we’re talking 10 acres!

Pam and Doug, the owners of Willow Acres welcomed us like we were old friends. Take note, we’re talking about a Black couple and Amanda and I, a queer couple. What I wish we had photos of are of all of us at their dining room table (they live on the property), with the sandwiches and fruit they put out for us after the shoot. If I didn’t have to get up early the next morning, we would have stayed, chatting for hours! That’s the kind of welcome couples will no doubt get.

There’s something so intimate about having someone you love help you get dressed. It’s tender and sweet, and I love hearing about couples being close in that way. The venue does have two dressing rooms, but we chose to use this one, mostly because of the hand crafted mirror!

Can we please talk about how Constellation looks on Kierra?! For those of you who don’t know, before any shoot, I always have the person or people modelling to come in to the studio to try on dresses from the Custom Collection. We look at what will fit the feel and the body of the model(s).

From the minute Kierra tried on Constellation, we knew that’s what she was going to wear. I made a silk white cathedral length veil to go with the look. My clients always ask me what length is good for their dress, and the truth is, you get to choose. I’m a fan of encouraging people to wear what makes them smile!

I love when Kierra and Devin laugh! They are such beautiful, joyful, artistic people. They’re also incredibly tender with each other- I know this is a shoot, and yes, they are a real couple who also model together, but the way they are, that’s what Amanda caught on camera. That’s actually one of Amanda’s gifts, if you let her- she’ll deliver photos from your wedding that are true to color, both skin and nature, and true to the essence of who you are as a couple, and as individuals.

Pam and Doug had their dance floor set up, and we had Kierra and Devin get on to dance. Doug even grabbed his phone and put music on for them to dance to.

Thank you, Pam and Doug for being such amazing hosts. Thank you Kierra and Devin for being so willing to try some gender neutral posing, and for bringing such beautiful energy! Thank you GiGi for doing Kierra’s make-up so she could arrive camera ready. You are so amazing and we’re so lucky to have you! Kierra’s skin was so well done! A special thank you to Michelle for providing the beautiful florals. I appreciate your commitment to the BLM movement! Thank you, Brian, for outfitting Devin- I love how willing you are to roll with my ideas!

A special thank you to my fiancee, Amanda. When we first met, she said she didn’t do styled shoots. And now here we are. Thank you for changing your mind! I love you!


Lens | Amanda DeBusk Photography
Venue | Willow Acres Weddings
Models |Kierra Winston & Devin Smith
Dress | Curvy Custom Bride
Suit |Formally Modern
Floral | One of a Kind Events
Makeup | GiGi Bentley