Becca’s Romantic Blush Princess Dress: From mock-up to Wedding Day

The process of getting an idea from fabric and lace and layers, to fit and finish feels both fast and slow.

I start with the basic shapes and, like an artist with marble, I chisle away at what we don’t want or need. Yes, it involves a lot of staring, which becomes a sort of meditation, to feel for the next step.

Fitting is a right brained activity for me. I observe what a person adjusts to know what move to make next. There are things I do to every dress, but it’s almost never the same, because no two people are the same.

The lace was attached by hand to let the stitching breathe when on the body. But the stitches are carefully done so everything stays exactly where I want it to stay.

I often get asked how many hours I spend building a wedding dress. One of these days I’ll log my time. Today is not one of those days.

Enjoy photos from Becca and Jamie’s wedding!

Lens: Sam Sandy Photo

MUA: @elyallynnbeauty

Florals: Bella Rose Flower Co

Dress: Curvy Custom Bride

Becca and Jamie got married in the same church, the Metamorra United Methodist Church, that Becca’s mom and grandmother got married in!
They found the spot where their grandparents had etched their names, and added their names, too.

Thank you for reliving their wedding with me! Sending out all the love to you!