Sydney’s 90s dress redesign wedding

Sydney first reached out in July of 2020, telling me she had her mom’s wedding dress, and that she wanted to make some adjustments to the fit, and the beading, but still keep a vintage feel.

Below is her mom, at the dress shop, trying on what would become her wedding dress. Seriously stunning 1990s wedding dress.

Woman in a wedding dress shop, trying on a white wedding dress
Bride in white wedding dress with a bouquet

In the image above (thank you Stacey!), you can see the layers. The sheath is the base of all of it. Then, you have the overskirt, and then the jacket with sleeves, and off the shoulder bow.

We wanted to keep the overskirt but find a way to connect it to this new version of the dress. That would be step 2.

Sydney really liked this lace, and originally, we thought I’d carefully take off the original lace, and replace it with this new lace. But once I had the lace in my hands, I knew it wanted to be the focus.

When Syd came in for her fitting, I showed her what the lace looked like, and we were all on board with creating a lace layer with this new lace.

The next step was making sure the overskirt had design integrity, now that we were changing the lace on the dress. I remembered my time working on the 1912 Project (where we stitched up historical patterns from the Titanic era), and I had done this lace applique technique where you attach the lace to the front, hand stitch it down, and then cut out the fabric behind it, leaving basically a lace window.

The last step on the appliques was to cut the rest of the tulle from around the lace, since this was a motif from the larger piece of lace. One of the things that we did to the bodice that we really liked was building up lace on the top of the cup.

As you tailor the cups of a bodice, you can end up shortening the cups too far. The best solution I’ve found is to build up lace over the top of the cup, making sure that it is both secure, and that it is flush to the chest.

Closeup of wedding dress bodice. One side has lace added to the top of the cup, while the other side is lower

Let’s enjoy some wedding photos!

Lens: Amavi Photography

Dress: Curvy Custom Bride

Florals: Custom Blooms Indy

Hair: Cass and Company Salon

Make-up: done by the bride herself!

Bride in front of her mom, who is zipping up her wedding dress
Bride adjusts her shoe sitting by a piano
Bride stands close to a door, twisting her body towards the camera, the train of her dress spread out.
Bride, sitting down in her lace wedding dress reading her vows
Bride and groom sharing vows while sitting on a bench
White bride and groom holding hands laughing and walking
Bride and her mom stand next to each other holding hands, cheek to cheek

I can’t leave you without sharing that I was also in charge of designing and building the mother of the bride’s dress. We started with some vintage and vintage inspired images. Stacey knew she wanted an off the shoulder dress with some drama. She chose this gorgeous 4-ply silk crepe, and once it came in and she held it, she ooo’d the way we all do when we touch 4-ply. We fiddled with the fit until we were both happy.

One of the best things I’ve ever heard came from Stacey. She said that the process of having a custom dress made just for her was that she didn’t have to worry about maintaining weight. She knew I’d adjust it to make sure it fit perfectly no matter how her body shifted. Her smile says it all.

Mother and father of the bride walk arm in arm smiling at their guests as they walk down the aisle