Amanda’s Wedding Dress!!

It always starts as a dialogue, and I wanted Amanda, even though we were the ones getting married, to have the experience I give all my clients.

Amanda wanted to look like themselves but also wanted to make sure she looked like they were the one getting married. There were a couple of elements that they loved and wanted to have incorporated into the dress.

She had already tried on a suit I had made and knew for sure she wanted a dress. She also knew she liked several of the pieces from the collection, so we had a great starting point.

I took their measurements and started on the pieces. Little by little, we built a look Amanda would feel elegant without losing sight of their preferences.

4-ply silk crepe is a delicious fabric. The drape, or how it hangs, reads as elegant and modern, and could easily be worn at a minimalist city wedding, all the way to a wedding in nature.

We had the neckline and length of the sleeves down. We needed to nail the front draping next. 4-ply is perfect for draping, and crepe in general.

All of the dresses I make have built in bust support for those who want it. The bustier was the first thing we needed to fit perfectly.

The bustier itself looked beautiful and the point is to make everything on the inside to look as gorgeous as the outside.

After several months of work, fitting, and try ons, we were ready for a final fitting. Amanda looked stunning!

I also took a piece of her silk and made a sash to wrap around her bouquet.

And here are beautiful images from our wedding

Lens: Abbey Elaine Photography

Venue: Couple’s home

Couple’s attire: Curvy Custom Bride

Florals: The Flower Box

Decor: The Vibologist

Rings: Petite G & The Jewelry Lady

Hair: Chie Sharp

Make-up: Amanda

It was such a sweet moment when I got to button up Amanda’s dress.