About the Designer


Leila was born and raised in Cali, Colombia. She studied Theater and Modern Dance and spent years on stage, later transitioning into directing and choreography. After having her first child, she retired, but the theater bug was still there. Leila loves a dramatic flair!

It wasn’t until Leila was stuck with her own wedding dress being poorly fit, the alterations specialist telling her that her chest was too big, rushing through her alterations, and being left with awful pointy bust darts, that she started noticing that none of her clothes fit.


After 7 years of doing alterations and making custom garments for herself and an exclusive client pool, Leila started working for several designers in the Indianapolis area, including Jerry Lee Atwood, Angel Olivera, Catherine Fritsch, and Erin Young. She also worked for Avant Garb, a mascot making company, which was one fit challenge after the next, and a lot of fun!


With the inception of Curvy Custom Bride, Leila has enjoyed designing wedding gowns (and bridal jumpsuits) for people who appreciate a custom design that is made with their body in mind. These dresses don’t exist anywhere because you don’t, either.

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