Custom Collection

Are you spending all of you time searching for the wedding dress that fits you and your personality and you just can’t find it? Are you tired of the same dress in every shop and everyone telling you it looks amazing on you, but you don’t agree? Is your Wedding Dress Pinterest full of dresses you only partially like? Are you gender non-conforming and want to create a look for your wedding that speaks to who you are? Email to talk about what pieces within our bridal custom collection you like. We can mix and match any pieces together or as separates for your wedding day.

Don’t see what you want? Get in touch with our Indy Bridal Shop so we can start designing your wedding look, whether you want a jumpsuit, a tailored suit, a cape, or something gender queer! You can count on Curvy Custom Bride to give you the go big or go home options you’ve been looking for.


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