Let’s Collab!

Got a sweet shoot idea and want to borrow one of the dresses in my Custom Collection? Email me at curvycustombride@gmail.com


I go where my dresses go. I don’t loan dresses for shoots if I can’t be there.

If you’ve got models, I need them to come to my studio to see which dress fits them and your shoot best. I don’t clip dresses for shoots. It ruins my work.

Don’t have models? I can bring my own models. All models who work with me on shoots get a small stipend. I encourage you to always do the same.

If you are wanting to shoot a couple, I give preference to real couples with great chemistry, regardless of whether they are models or not.

I will advocate for my models. If, as an example, a model of mine doesn’t want to have her textured hair straightened, but that’s the look you want, you’ll need another model.

If time allows, among other details, I will gladly create a new look for your shoot. However, I don’t take requests. I will use your mood board, but if I’m using my time and money to create a new piece, I get to decide on the final look. If you want a very specific dress you want me to make, and it doesn’t fit in with my tastes as a designer, I’ll require payment.

If you’re using images of my work on social media, websites, ads, etc, you must credit Curvy Custom Bride. If you have questions about giving credit, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Lens: Marissa Wiley Photo