Vintage dress for a Modern bride

Last year, Sara brought me a wrinkled and stained silk gown that was definitely vintage! You could tell that she saw it’s potential.


She didn’t want sleeves at her summer wedding, so we knew we were carefully taking those off! She wasn’t entirely sure what she wanted for the neckline but she wanted to try the dress on backwards.

After several gentle adjustments to the neckline, and some tender care on the stains (that didn’t come out entirely but were far lighter than in the beginning), Sara had a dress she was excited to get married in!



There’s always a look brides have when they’re happy. It’s unique to each bride and such a joy to see.

Thrilled with her refashioned vintage gown, it was ready to be steamed and bagged, so that Sara could step into it on her wedding day, and begin a new chapter in her life.


And, yes, it was a dog-friendly wedding!

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