• How long have you been a designer and dressmaker (AKA are you sure you know what you are doing?)

I’ve been sewing for other people since I started sewing like my life depended on it 11 years ago. I had sewn before then, but never with the intensity that struck me a little over a decade ago. I turned it into a tax paying business 5 years ago. If there’s something I don’t know how to do, I’m the first to admit it. I’ve made a lot of mistakes on my own clothes, and I know what to avoid.

  • I saw this dress on Pinterest. Can you make me a copy?

Unfortunately, no. I don’t make copies of other people’s work. During our initial consultation, we can look over anything you’ve pinned to use as a reference. After that, I’ll sketch out an idea and we work together to come up with something you’ll love that will be an original design.

  • I would like to request something custom when & how should I contact you?

A wedding dress requires at least 6 months notice, depending on my schedule, but not more than a year and a half. Making a gown is time consuming, but even more so is buying swatches, checking in with clients, the back and forth, the mock-up, and all of the fittings. Feel free to reach out through the contact page with questions.

  • I don’t live in the Indianapolis, IN area.  Will you make me a dress if I send you all my measurements?

Unfortunately, no. If you’d like a custom dress from Curvy Custom Bride, you need to plan on coming in for 3 fittings plus a trip to pick-up.

  • Do you do alterations?

I definitely do alterations on pre-exisiting wedding dresses. Again, plan on coming in for 3 fittings plus a trip to pick-up. I have brides from all over who come for alterations so it’s not unheard of.

  • What is a mock-up?

A mock-up is a version of your dress/outfit in cheap fabric. It might be the most uninspiring item you’ll try on. To me, it’s the best way to get the fit right. In some cases, I will skip the mock-up, and tweak the final fabric on you.

  • Does a custom dress cost less than store-bought?

Check the pricing below, but no. Custom tends to be higher than store-bought. In part, because it’s not being mass produced. But also because you’re paying for a service, not just a product. You’re getting a design and a fit that can’t be bought in a store, and I price accordingly.

  • I’m trying to save money, so I already bought a pattern (it’s really simple!) and all the materials you will need.  Can you make my dress inexpensively? Can we just skip the mock-up or one of the fittings?

While I can appreciate wanting to save money, it rarely ends well. Rushing a sewing job tends to give you a rushed sewing job. Fast fashion has lead us to believe we can have cheap, fast, and good clothing. You really only ever get 2 of those 3. Choose wisely.  Skipping a mock-up sometimes means that you need more fabric, and have to cut it out over again. It’s a gamble I’m not interested in.

  • You charge a lot more for sewing than someone else I talked to why?

Sewing is relative. What one designer/dressmaker deems difficult or more time consuming, another will deem less time consuming. I have confidence in my skill and understand what it takes to sustain a business. I price accordingly. Ultimately, you should find a designer/dressmaker who you’re comfortable with. That’s something you can’t put a price on.

  • Do you have anything already made for sale?

I don’t, but I have a handful of samples that can be tried on in my studio.

  • How much money is needed upfront?

Half of the cost of your garment is due as a non-refundable retainer. The cost of fabric is due at the second fitting. The final bill, with any unexpected costs, is due at your final fitting. Garments will be held until payment is complete.

  • Do you do Saturdays?
I periodically open up or schedule Saturdays for out-of-town clients. I also have evening hours on Mondays and Tuesdays for your convenience. But, basically, if it’s open on the scheduler, and it works for you, book it.
  • What if I lose/gain weight? Do I have to pay for alterations?

No. I work very close to your wedding to accommodate weight fluctuations. I invite you to try on your dress (garment) the day of your pick up. Your pick-up lasts an hour just in case there has been weight fluctuation, so I can tweak the fit, so you can leave confident that your dress (garment) makes you feel comfortable.

  • One last question: Why is fabric separate from the cost of design & dressmaking?

It wouldn’t be fair to charge the same for a dress made of imported Italian lace costing $200/yard as for a dress made of lace costing $25/yard. It’s also a place where you control the cost. I work with a silk wholesaler to provide you with the best materials for your dress, but ultimately, the choice is yours.

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