Lei’s Recommendations

Queer Celebrating wedding media








I’ll start with Amanda DeBusk. Sure, she’s my wife, but she’s got a really great eye, and a crisp, classic editing style I think you might like. She’s nerdy and goofy, and will guide buy won’t over pose you when she’s photographing you. She’ll be the first to ask who’s big spoon, instead of make assumptions about who is the cuddler and who’s the cuddlee. She’s really humble so don’t believe her when she says she’s just okay. It’s a lie. Her work is incredible, and she won’t pad her galleries with repeat photos just to give you “more” images.


I also recommend Abbey Elaine Photography. She did our wedding, as well as a couple’s session. She’s fun and has an endless number or poses. She’s really good with bigger weddings. She’ll get all the details, the dancing, all the fun. Her editing style is warmer (not totally orange) but I like it. Not queer but works a lot with the community.


Sam Mitchell Photography is queer, and is really energetic and fun! She’s a full time teacher, and part time educator, and is trying to transition into elopements only, so check her availability, but she’s awesome.



Max Catterson- We actually just had him do a couple’s session. I’ll update this when we get photos back. He’s gay and engaged to his boyfriend. He’s sweet, and somewhat quiet, but I don’t know if that’s because he was nervous to photograph Amanda, another photographer.


Sarah Katherine Davis Photography- I only know her from insta but I love her work! But queer and based in Louisville, Kentucky but travels.



Karla Janette Photo I also only know from insta, but I really like her work. Queer and Latina, based in Iowa City



Rachel Replogle is new to the wedding industry, but such a joy, and super goofy! My wife and I styled a session on a rooftop earlier this year and invited them to film. She did great. 


I don’t know Amelia Kramer but she was recommended to me. I’ll update this if I learn more.



I don’t know Everett Pictures but they’ve been following my insta for a minute. I’ll update this if I learn more.


Candace and Adjei are a super sweet couple, and they run The Flower Box Indy, formerly Createrella. They did our wedding, and they celebrate queer love! They are laid back and really easy to talk to! I love what they create!


I worked with Woven Blooms several years ago, and from their social media they celebrate queer love! Gorgeous work, too. I don’t know their communication style.


Shila from Wild Clover Floral is queer and I’ve worked with her on a styled session several years ago. She’s a wonderful force and will advocate for you any day!


Violets are Blue did florals for a client a couple of years ago, and she is showcasing queer love! My wife also tells me she comes from a mental health background, before she got into designing florals.


Dani Oglesby does a lot of styled work, and can give really cool ideas or go traditional, or anything in between. She can work with all textures of hair. https://www.instagram.com/dolled_by_dani/ not queer but celebrates all love


Jon Gregory is queer, and while he does do styled work, and is a drag queen, he also can do a natural look.







Need something not on this list? Just ask! If I don’t know, I’m sure someone I know, knows. I’m collecting queer friendly venues as we speak.