Dreamy Boho Flower Child Wedding Dress Vibes

One day I was in my studio working, when I got a phone call from somebody who was driving around looking for a wedding dress. She asked if I had some she could try on, and I started telling her about the custom works that I do. She was intrigued, so she came in that same day.

After we talked for a bit, I asked her how she felt about having a custom dress made, and she said she was sold. Over the next couple of months we work together closely to choose fabric, and get the fit just right.

I’m going to show you the first in-fabric fitting so that you can see that sometimes I don’t get it on the first try. The thing you should know about me, is that I don’t give up.

I tell people that the work I do obviously requires knowing how to sew, but more than that, you need endurance to sometimes go back to the drawing board.

When you design a beach and boho bridal vibe, there are several ways you can go in. I knew this was going to be an amazing piece.

This wasn’t the dress she wanted, so we hopped on a video call to go over everything again.

mini mock up for our video call

Once I showed her the mini mock-up, she said that that was what she was going for. So, I took the dress apart, and started angling the lace, and overlaying second lace for a beautiful contrast.

I also made her a chiffon over skirt so she could have two looks
one last bit of the hem to take up and we’re ready

I always tell people that this process is made up of several trust falls. I never expect trust from a client, which is why you’ll never hear me say, “it’ll be fine”, and when I hear that somebody is anxious about the process, I listen instead of try to make you not nervous or anxious. Trust has to be earned.

Now, I’m sure you’re ready for this, so here are some images from Amanda DeBusk of the beautiful Brittani and her husband Rob. My deepest gratitude to Brittani for her patience and kindness during this process. I’m so proud of the work we did together! All my love to you and your family.

Datura Dress with overlay

When Should I Buy a Wedding Dress?

So, you’re planning a wedding. First, take a moment to enjoy all of those post-engagement feels. Sit in that moment longer than you might want to. 

I offer this advice as a wedding dress designer who has worked with dozens of people planning weddings; I’m here to tell you that once you strap into the wedding planning roller coaster, you’re on it — for better or worse.

So take your moment! Take more than one! Then, whenever you’re ready, let’s talk about what you’re wearing.

When is the right time to buy a wedding dress?

The internet will tell you to have your wedding dress ordered at least a year before your wedding day. That number — a year  — often surprises people. “So, that’s… now? Before I even send invitations?!”

A year is the recommendation because of a little thing called alterations. Buying the dress is often just the first step. Because so many wedding dresses are bought made-to-measure or off the rack, they’ve got to be altered to fit the unique body of the person wearing the dress. 

I’ve already talked at length about what alterations can cost (and why, surprisingly, going custom can actually be the more affordable choice). Here’s another pro in the column for why it’s worth considering custom: It’ll also save you time.

How long does it take to make a custom wedding dress?

No, I can’t do it in two weeks. It’s not because I don’t work quickly and efficiently. It’s not even because I’d like to get up from my sewing machine every once and awhile and, you know, maybe see my family and go to the restroom. Making a wedding dress in two weeks just won’t give you and I the time and space that we need to really savor this process.

Most of my clients contact me a year before their wedding. The sweet spot is nine months. The goal, of course, being that we have room to play, to go back and forth on design elements, fit, and fabric. These decisions deserve time. I try to create a feeling, not just a dress because this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience we’re talking about.

When you hire a custom wedding dress designer, you’re hiring a guide. Every question you’d have to Google, you can ask me. Chances are good that I might even know more than an algorithm.

What if I’m not wearing a dress?

Great! Let’s talk. I’ve made any number of non-dress outfits in my day (most memorably, a pair of matching biking uniforms for a couple who loved to ride their tandem bicycle together).

I’ll be able to tell you how long and how much the project will cost after we talk a little bit more about what you want, what you need, and what you want to feel like wearing these clothes.

Let’s start brainstorming together! Contact me here.

Lens: Amanda DeBusk