The Experience

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When you get a dress custom fit, your body should not be a problem. The way I work is very mathematical. Your measurements are taken, and the design we come up with during your first consultation, is drafted.

Over the course of a couple of fittings, with trust built throughout the process, we discuss how you feel in your dress, and I adjust it so that you never want to take off your dress. We’re talking COMFORT and STYLE all in one.

I avoid telling my clients that I think they look amazing, because HOW you feel in your dress, is far more important to me.


This process is about your ideas coming together with my suggestions, to create a dress that you can’t buy in a store.


I specialize in fit and unconventional wedding dresses, red carpet, and gala. Want to add color? Not a problem. Want a traditional white dress? I love it! Need bust support but want a dress that doesn’t usually provide it? I got you covered. It can all be built in so you don’t have to wear a bra! 

I’ve had clients walk out of my studio feeling empowered about their bodies, and I want you to feel what they feel!

What to do next?

  1. Schedule an appointment
  2. Consult with the designer about the look you want
  3. I’ll create and fit your dress to make you feel like a queen!

No body shaming.

No settling for a dress that you still need alterations on, and isn’t exactly what you want.

No more dress stress!

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Body shaming, food shaming, and gender shaming, among others, are not permitted in my studio. Curvy is not a size.